Camilla Prince Charles Talgarth Mill Tour - Lead 2016
Credit: Arthur Edwards/Getty

As it turns out, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, can hold their own in the kitchen—particularly when it comes to whipping up a batch of bread.

While the royal couple enjoyed their annual week-long stay in Wales, they faced off in a bread-kneading contest at the historic Talgarth Mill in Wales Thursday, with Prince Charles sporting a pinstriped gray suit and the Duchess of Cornwall clad in a blue blazer, dress and pearls for the festivities. As they kneaded their piles of dough with a smile, the duo couldn't help but crack a few jokes.

Camilla Prince Charles Talgarth Mill Tour - Embed 2016
Credit: Arthur Edwards/Getty

"It's The Great Welsh Bake Off," Charles said as they prepped the loaves, according to People. "You're not going to make me do this?" Camilla asked miller Neil MacPherson, adding, "I'll have a go at anything!"

"Think of all the people you'd like to punch," she quipped. Of course, their time at the water mill wasn't all about bread baking. While the pair was on hand, they reportedly met farmers who provide the wheat, volunteers who winnow and mill the grain, and they also learned more about the process of milling grain.

The visit was a scheduled part of Charles and Camilla's Wales trip, in which they explore the country's businesses, farming industry and culture.