Investigators Say Prince Andrew Is Still Refusing to Cooperate With Prosecutors

It goes against his very public statement.

Despite what he said a few months ago about cooperating fully with the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, Prince Andrew is still refusing to work with the FBI and prosecutors. According to the prosecutor in charge of the case, Andrew's being so stubborn and uncooperative that the legal team is looking for more options to get what they need from the disgraced royal.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said, "Contrary to Prince Andrew’s very public offer to cooperate with our investigation into Epstein’s co-conspirators, an offer that was conveyed via press release, Prince Andrew has now completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation and our office is considering its options."

Prince Andrew
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In an official statement released late last year after the Epstein scandal broke, Andrew had said that he'd help in any way.

"Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required," he said.

Berman's latest statement echoes one released earlier this year. Peoplereported that Andrew was proving "zero cooperation" in January, when the FBI was requesting any information that he had about Epstein. At the time, the Southern District of New York was looking into anyone who could be considered a "co-conspirator."

Since November's news and Andrew's subsequent interview with BBC Newsnight, he's stepped back from his duties as a senior royal and lost his patronages. His office was also removed from Buckingham Palace. People adds that in the last few weeks, Andrew has been seen with members of the royal family and is still expected to attend his daughter Beatrice's wedding in May.

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