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Amazon has already stepped up its game when it comes to selling a wider variety of beauty products, but the company is looking to expand even more. Next on its to do list? Making online clothes shopping a little less of a commitment.

The e-commerce giant will start letting customers try on clothes before they buy them. It's all part of Amazon's new service called Prime Wardrobe.

If you sign up, you'll choose at least three clothing items to ship to yourself. Amazon will send them in a reusable box with a prepaid shipping label. Don't like what you picked? You can return anything you don't want by simply leaving the box on your front door, because Prime Wardrobe comes with free UPS scheduled pickups.

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But that's not even the most intriguing part.

If you love at least three of the items in your box, Amazon will give you a 10 percent discount. Love five or more items? The discount jumps to 20 percent.

While Prime Wardrobe is still in its beta phase, you can still sign up to be notified once it goes live.

How's that for convenient?