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Briana Draguca
Jan 12, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Pretty Little Liars returns to TV tonight with its season-six winter premiere, and we can’t wait to see what our favorite Rosewood High alums have been up to since we last saw them in August’s mid-season summer finale. That was when the Liars finally discovered that the true identity of “A,” their incessant tormentor over the years, was other than Alison DiLaurentis’s cousin, CeCe Drake. Only it turned out that CeCe was actually born Charles DiLaurentis, aka Alison’s presumed-dead brother. Talk about a twist.

Even though the big “A” secret is finally out, there’s no doubt that PLL will still be messing with our heads when it comes back tonight (it wouldn’t be PLL if it didn’t, after all). And as always, we’re ready and waiting for more. Here are nine reasons why we’re excited to see what goes down in tonight’s season premiere.

1. The show is taking a five-year jump into the future.
At long last, the Liars are finally out of high school. Tonight's five-year jump forward means that they’re coming back to Rosewood as adults, with careers, new love interests, college degrees (for some), and—most importantly—more secrets than we could even imagine.

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2. Alison is no longer a DiLaurentis.
At the end of the show's summer finale, we saw Alison writing her name on a chalkboard at the front of a classroom. But to our surprise, Rosewood’s newest high school teacher is going by Mrs. Rollins these days. Did Alison get married in the last five years? And to who? Most importantly, does he know what went on in her past?

3. We need to know if Aria and Ezra will be back together.
Rumor has it that Ezra has no future as season six continues. And Aria may have found a new, slightly less sketchy love interest (if that’s even possible to find on a show like PLL). The latest promo trailer does show Ezra and Aria together, but they look far from romantic—which makes us think that the big “A” reveal might have been too much for their relationship to handle.

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4. There’s a new villain in town and this time it’s a “he."
Leave it to the show to introduce a new villain just as it finally got rid of the last one. We waited five and a half seasons to bring “A" to the surface, but the Liars—specifically Alison—still can’t seem escape the torture. The new season has us wondering if the girls' latest enemy will be even worse than the last, and we can’t help but wonder if any of the other Liars has a secret vindictive brother hidden away somewhere.

5. Hanna is engaged.
Don’t get too excited though, it’s not what you think. Sadly, it looks like Haleb is over (#RIP). In the promo trailer for this season, Hanna is seen locking lips with someone else and showing off a shiny diamond ring to her friends. We can’t imagine what went so wrong that Hanna and Caleb would break up—especially after everything they’ve been through together.

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6. Caleb and Spencer are BFFs.
…or so it seems. But, really, can anyone on this show just stay friends? There are rumors going around that Spencer and Caleb might have a little something extra going on in their relationship. Is Hanna is okay with this? And what does Toby think?

7. Aria is still getting into trouble.
It seems like Aria’s done something bad, and the latest incarnation of "A" knows all about it. You'd think she would have learned enough by now to stay on the straight and narrow after being involved in so many murder cases that we lost track a few seasons ago.

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8. Emily dropped out of college, and she’s brought a big secret home with her.
After fulfilling her dreams of getting into college in California, we find out that Emily’s life was turned upside down when her father was killed in combat. Turns out, college wasn’t what she expected—and she returns to Rosewood with even more baggage than she had when she left.

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9. CeCe Drake—aka Charlotte DiLaurentis—is back.
After the summer finale, we had no clue what CeCe's future would hold. Whether she received punishment for her twisted crimes or got the help that she so desperately needed, we know that she’s capable of anything. And we can’t help but wonder if she has anything to do with the new villain in town.

Tune into Freeform (formerly ABC Family), tonight at 8 p.m. ET to watch the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

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