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The winter premiere of season four of Pretty Little Liars—which aired Tuesday night on ABC Family at 8/7c—is sure to have some new secrets now that the girls have discovered Allison is alive, but here's a secret we can't wait to share: you can now shop the Pretty Little Liars clothing line at Aeropostale. Costumer designer Mandi Line teamed up with the brand to create a line of basic pieces—including a faux leather skirt, striped crop top, wool vest jacket, and a lace dress—inspired by each of the lead characters on the hit show: preppy Spencer (Troian Bellisario), punk-rock Aria (Lucy Hale), girly Hanna (Ashley Benson), and sporty Emily (Shay Mitchell).

"These girls are super authentic," Line told InStyle exclusively. "One of the biggest reasons for the success of the wardrobe on the show is that they put their own style and twist into it. They like to make their own trends." Most of the fashion seen on the show is what Line calls "attainable fashion," with pieces shoppable from Free People, Wildfox Couture, AllStaints, and even Michael Kors. To find out more about the PLL clothing line and how you can pull off each of the character's looks, scroll down to read our exclusive Q&A with Line and start shopping the full Pretty Little Liars collection—ranging between $18-$72— available to shop both in stores or on

What was the most important style element that you wanted to transfer from the show to the clothing collection?I wanted to give the viewers what they want to see and I wanted it to be very classic. The cool thing about Aeropostale is that they have given me more freedom as the season continues. As the collections move throughout the season, they're going to get even better and even more intense and even more Pretty Little Liars.

How would you describe the overall style on Pretty Little Liars? It's trendsetting! The styles are very authentic and super free. They could be picking up dead bodies and they still look amazing. There is no limitations on their situation, especially for fashion.

How did you approach each character's style on the show and translate it into the Aeropostale collection staring with Aria?The one thing about Aria is that I wanted to make sure that every season and every collection felt different because if you watch Aria's character, every day she is different. She is soft one day, edgy one day, and vintage one day. She is all over the place and I wanted to make sure that Aria's collection covered the grounds of how different she is.

How about Hanna?Hanna was the toughest, we know her in super high heels, sexy, and she looks like she's going to the club all the time. We toned it down a bit, but the style didn't suffered at all.

What about Spencer?Spencer was a little tricky too because she is so rigid, put together, and nothing phases her preppy character. We threw in the plaids, skirts, and blazers and even though it is preppy and buttoned-up, there is the flirtiness of Aeropostale, but the rigidness and preppiness of Spencer.

And Emily?She is tomboy chic. Emily likes to do the motorcycle vest, but she will add a pink scarf. Or, she will do a graphic T-shirt with pink acid wash. She combines punk and feminine better than anyone and Aeropostale is Emily and customers are going to die for this line because every time Aeropostale would bring me an item—like a jacket vest—I would always think, 'this was made for Emily.'

What are the two key elements for dressing like one of the girls from Pretty Little Liars?One of the things is to be true to you in the way that you do it. Whether you're in a blazer, or you want to tie a belt around the blazer, or you want to stud it up with a motorcycle boot, I think that being true to yourself by the end of the day and whatever character you feel that day, you should find yourself in it. Number two, there are no limits. People are expressing themselves and these characters don't have limits on mixing, matching, and defining.

If you wanted to dress like one of the characters, what specific elements should you keep in mind for each girl?If you want to dress like Aria you need miniskirts, have no fear of accessories, a motorcycle jacket, and belts. The girl's belt is everything! For Hanna, it's shorter, tighter, and taller the heel, the better. A Hanna girl is never afraid in any situation to have a high heel, she also loves glitter, rhinestones, and anything reflective. Spencer is knee socks. She also likes oxfords and never leaves the house without a good pair. She also loves herself some pearls. And then for Emily, she loves high-top wedges and she is all about the bomber jacket.

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—Megan Deem