Ashley Benson PLL - LEAD
Credit: D. Dipasupil/FilmMagic

It's no surprise that Ashley Benson and her Pretty Little Liars castmates brought their A-game for the last day on set. After getting tattooed with initials on their "shh" fingers and donning matching Cartier rings from showrunner Marlene King, the girls gave each other—and the cast and crew—the ultimate goodbye gift: matching letterman jackets. "We designed them ourselves," Benson said recently by phone. "They say 'Pretty Little Liars' on the back, 'A' on the front, and our names on the left pocket."

And that's not the only way the Liars celebrated the end of an era. "The producers made us a yearbook," Benson added. "It's, like, 500 pages. Everyone took an official class photo for it. My superlative was 'Most Likely to End Up in Mexican Jail' ... I'm not sure why." Jokes aside, the last day of filming was emotional all around, she said. "I was crying, I was laughing; my eyes were swollen—I'm not sure how they'll even use the film. I made great friends though. The last seven years have been the best of my life."

Fortunately, the core four will still keep in close contact. Thanks to a highly active group chat thread, they're pretty much in constant conversation. "I did something with Shay [Mitchell] the other day, and I'm seeing Troian [Bellisario] for her wedding in December," Benson said. She'll also be keeping busy over the holidays by partnering with Unilever's #ShareAMeal campaign, which donates one meal to Feeding America for every social media post using the hashtag.

"I'm obsessed with kids—I always have been," Benson said. "I was always the babysitter for my family. One in six children face hunger every day. Without resources, they're not able to get the help that they need, and they have fewer opportunities. I was fortunate enough to always have food on the table, but there are so many people who aren't so lucky. It's simple to put the word out there. Post a throwback photo of you at a dinner table sharing a meal with the hashtag and people will get fed."