Barack Obama Speaking - Lead 2016
Credit: Evan Vucci/Getty

No matter what you’re feeling post–Election Day, President Obama has a message for you. It’s a message of optimism, of hope, of coming together in a time when our country feels divided, from the man who has led our nation over the past eight years.

“It’s finally election night. I imagine that’s welcome news for most of you because, let’s face it, this has been an exhausting, stressful, and sometimes downright weird election for all of us,” POTUS says in a video posted to Twitter by Buzzfeed News on Tuesday.

“We’ve been through tough and divisive elections before, and we’ve always come out stronger for it. That’s what makes America special, the idea that, while progress isn’t guaranteed, each of us has the power to choose our path, not just on nights like this, but every day in between.”

“It is a beautiful and fragile gift, and we should treat it that way. So whether your chosen candidates win or lose tonight, let’s all agree not only to stay engaged but to push ourselves to do even better. To vote not just when a president’s on the ballot but for Congress and mayor, and school board and dogcatcher. To educate ourselves on the issues and join with our neighbors in tackling the ones that face our communities,” he continued.

“And most importantly, to see each other not simply as Democrats or Republicans, but as fellow Americans and treat each other with the respect and empathy and kinship that title—‘American’—commands,” he said. “That’s especially true here on a place like Twitter, but it’s something we can bring with us to everything we do, online and off. We can choose to see the best in one another."

The president signed off on an upbeat note: "Have a good night everybody, and remember, no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning, and America will still be the greatest nation on Earth.”