President Obama Standing as Top Aide's Groomsman Will Make Your Day

President Barack Obama - LEAD
Photo: REX/Shutterstock

Because he is a wonderful soul, President Barack Obama attended his longtime aide's wedding in Jacksonville, Fla. And not only did he attend, he stood up beside the altar as a groomsman, while Secretary of State John Kerry officiated the ceremony. Talk about having friends in high places!

Marvin Nicholson and his bride, Helen Pajcic, who also works in the White House in the Department of Education, tied the knot on Saturday, Jan. 7, at a private residence near the St. John’s River, reports The Washington Post.

Nicholson works as Obama's personal aide and trip planner, and spends plenty of time with the president, both on Air Force One and the golf course. He has been part of the Obama administration since 2008, when he and Pajcic worked on his first presidential campaign. He also served as Kerry's personal aide during his 2004 presidential run.

VIDEO: Inside the Obama Family's Kalorama Home

Congrats to the happy couple, and thank you, Mr. President, for gracing us with one more dapper tux photo before your time in office is done.

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