Pregnant Kylie Jenner Plays Game of Never Have I Ever with Tea

Kylie Jenner may be taking a break from the spotlight, but the makeup mogul was an open book during a recent game of Never Have I Ever.

In a video released Wednesday on the star’s Kylie Cosmetics YouTube channel, the rumored mama-to-be got real about her personal life, forgoing the traditional alcoholic beverage for tea while dishing on her intimate secrets.

Facing off against BFF Jody Woods and assistant Victoria Villarroel, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians mainstay, who is allegedly expecting a baby girl with beau, Travis Scott, dressed her burgeoning bump in a festive Christmas sweater as she drank 13 different times.

The entrepreneur copped to regifting a present and lying to a significant other, as well as more shocking revelations, like hooking up in a bathroom, spending money at a strip club, and doing the walk of shame—Jordyn had to pry the latter confession out of the star.

“I’ve seen you do the walk of shame so don’t act like you’ve never done the walk of shame,” the social media star insisted after Jenner initially denied doing so.

On the flip side, the brunette beauty revealed that she hasn’t dated more than one person at a time, cheated on a partner, or snuck a boy into her parents’s home.

Unfortunately, the question of her rumored pregnancy didn't come up, but we are staying tuned! Watch the entire segment in the video above.

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