Pregnant Kylie Jenner Poses in Oversize Sweater, Hints at the Sex of Her Baby

It’s been nearly two full months since Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy went public, and in turn, nearly two months without confirmation from the 20-year-old beauty mogul and reality star. Fans are growing impatient—and by fans we mean us. We can’t handle the suspense, Kylie!

Anyway, despite the lack of direct confirmation, Jenner has found many a way to tease her audience—like last month, when she asked her Snapchat followers to help her choose a phone case (pink or blue!), or when she slyly captioned a snap with the phrase “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby,” or when she painted her nails pink and posted a photo on Instagram (a stretch, but these are desperate times).

Jenner’s latest maybe baby clue, however, seems to be the most direct yet.

On Monday evening, the Instagram star posted a series of selfies in two different oversize sweaters (a gray hoodie and black turtleneck)—none of which was cropped below her chest, of course.

The first in the series bears the caption “Happy Monday” with two very telling emojis: “ ♀.”

OK, let’s delve into this caption. First off, there’s the girl emoji, which could obviously be referencing Kylie, who, to the best of our knowledge, identifies as a girl. But then, the plot thickens when Jenner introduces the female gender symbol “♀.” If she’s already used the girl emoji, why would she also use the gender symbol? It’s a bit redundant and unlike Kylie’s typically concise emoji style. Seriously, girl keeps her emoji game to-the-point:

Our theory? Jenner’s emoji choice is representative of both her and her unborn baby (who happens to be a girl).

Again, maybe a stretch, but few moves from the Kar-Jenner camp are made without an epic amount of forethought, so we might just be onto something.

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