By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Nov 28, 2017 @ 5:45 pm

Deciding whether or not the person you're with is "the one" can be a daunting step in any romantic relationship. You love them, but how do you know for sure that this is the person you want to spend more of your life with? Allow Khloé Kardashian to step in and help.

The pregnant reality star took to her app on Tuesday to give sage advice on how to navigate the worlds of love and dating, and judging from her adorable relationship with Tristan Thompson, you'll want to take notes.


"If you're reading this, it's safe to assume your partner makes your parts tingle in that oh-so-perfect way. But, we all know relationships take some serious work outside of the bedroom (or wherever you're getting down)!" she began. "Read on for non-negotiables for your forever mate."

"And remember, dolls, despite what anyone says (like those certain opinionated family members), at the end of the day, you have to go with your gut," she added.

Continue on for Khloé's three best tips on how to tell if the person you're with is "the one."

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1. Compare notes ASAP.

"You 1000 percent need to be on the same page about the basics, like commitment, trust and where your moral compass is set. Repeat: 1000 percent!"

2. Make sure you like how they make you feel.

"They make you feel like a queen even when you're a train wreck (i.e., going batsh*t with PMS). They don't need to constantly blow smoke up your a*s with compliments but they should provide an overall feeling of security and adoration."

3. Don't forget to have fun and really connect.

"Connection is key, so your girl or guy should be game for anything that sparks your joy—even if that means sacrificing Monday Night Football for yoga with your sisters. 😜 Laughter and passion are the fuel for lifelong monogamy, so the importance of fun, collaborative activities should never be forgotten."