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What’s silver, shaped like a paperclip, and worth about as much as a month of groceries? A Prada paperclip, of course! For $185 you can punk the world by allowing them to believe you own a regular paperclip, when really it’s designer and cost about 1,000 times the price of the real thing—hilarious, right?

To be fair, the “paperclip” in question is technically a money clip—if you have enough dough to shell out nearly $200 for a money clip, you probably really do need one.

Regardless, the apparent ridiculousness of this item is not lost on, well, everyone. Twitter users' reactions were pure gold (er, sterling silver) scroll down below to bask in the shade thrown by the Internet's best and brightest:

The truth:

All hail the consumers who paid for this overpriced paperclip—may you stay gloriously extra.