By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Nov 12, 2014 @ 4:45 pm
Courtesy of MAC

In the rare occasion we're able to apply liquid liner in a moving vehicle sans smudges, we can't help but compare our handiwork to the likes of Michelangelo or Rembrandt, but thanks to the gorgeous packaging and ultra-pigmented hues, Prabal Gurung's collection for MAC is turning the public touch-up into a performance art. "I'm fascinated when girls are able to do that in a moving car, they're such experts. I've also seen that in the subway---it takes guts to do that in front of everyone, but she's going for it!" Gurung tells InStyle. "It's very rare that I look and the compact is of interest. I wanted it to be something that almost becomes an object of art." With the gold details from his Fall 2013 collection in mind, the designer drew inspiration from artists like Damien Hirst and Sylvia Fleury to create the stunning chain-linked pattern, though Gurung notes his own mother as his biggest muse. "For me, my first foray into fashion has been literally seeing my mom getting ready with these compacts," he says. "I still remember that red lipstick; She would put it on, and there was that transformation."

Courtesy of MAC

Of course, the colors inside prove to be just as gallery-worthy as each item's gilded exterior, with the many lip products topping our holiday wish lists. The vivid lipsticks are stunning on their own, but can be amped up when layered underneath one of the tinted glosses. "I think a strong red lip is a great staple for the holiday season," says Gurung, who recommends using the lipstick as a stain for daytime wear, then swiping on the coordinating gloss before a night out. "These pieces are true collectors items, so I would say one should be excited to re-apply mid-party!" Judging by the eye shadows, eye and lip pencils, bronzer, blush, and makeup tools also in the collection, the Holiday 2014 season is going to be the most glamorous one yet! Find the entire range at MAC locations nationwide and online at starting November 26. You'll want to set your alarms for this launch---we're not Ms. Cleo, but if the popularity of his previous collaboration with Sally Hansen is any indicator, we predict Gurung's MAC collection will be going fast!

---with reporting by Sharon Clott and Angelique Serrano