There was plenty to see at tonight's American Music Awards, but one artist found a surefire way to steal the spotlight. No, it wasn't enough for Post Malone to show up to the event in a powder-blue Western suit adorned with dueling snakes and leopard print. No, his face tattoos don't call enough attention to him. It just so happened that he walked the red carpet with a coordinating red Solo cup and continued to partake in a variety of beverages throughout the ceremony.

Malone couldn't wait to get inside to start celebrating. Though he didn't disclose exactly what was in his Solo cup, fans definitely noticed that he had the unusual accessory when he arrived.

And as if that wasn't enough, later in the telecast, Malone swapped the party-ready glassware for some actual glassware: he was drinking red wine from a stemless glass. Where did it come from? Who was providing Malone with his vino? There were just so many questions.

Post Malone 2018 American Music Awards
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It didn't get any clearer as the night went on. Clearly hitting all the superfoods he could, he had his fill of red wine and its resveratrol and switched to vitamin-packed orange juice. Well, it could have been OJ mixed with some other things, but he was getting his nutrients in nonetheless.

Fans can raise a glass alongside Malone, though. He took home the Favorite Male Artist - Pop/Rock. Bottoms up.