Post-Holiday Beauty Dilemma: Your Face Is Tanner Than Your Foundation. Now What?

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If you managed to procure summer’s coveted bronzy glow this holiday weekend—hopefully from a bottle and not lounging poolside unprotected!—put switching up your foundation on your to-do list stat. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff suggests mixing either a tinted moisturizer (like NARS; $42 at or creme bronzer (like Chanel; $48 at in with your regular foundation to adjust the coloring. “Usually I maintain the original shade for the center of the face to keep a brightness,” said Dubroff who works with Gwyneth Paltrowand Drew Barrymore. “Then, I’ll either mix a few drops of tint into the liquid or just use it for sides of the face.” If your skin has rosy undertones to begin with, Dubroff advised against pink cheek color—instead opt for a gold tinted bronzer. If your skin has an actual burn to the point of being red Dubroff said: “Make sure sunburned skin is well hydrated and use aloe gel to heal.” And next time smooth on an SPF 30 or higher before sunning it up!

Plus, see how to look great with a barely-there beauty look.

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