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Maybe you’re old enough to vote, legally purchase alcohol, and rent a car, but no adult milestone can ever erase your inner child, right? RIGHT. Thanks to UK-based site Truffle Shuffle, you can now reminisce about your Lisa Frank-colored, Beanie Baby-laden ‘90s childhood EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Enter: the Polly Pocket purse.

The heart-shaped pearlescent pink shoulder bag is maybe the one accessory you and your 7-year-old self could possibly agree on. With gilded logo lettering and a chain-link strap, the nostalgic item is undeniably chic, and what’s more, it’s actually affordable. At £38 (roughly $49), the Ferby-owning you could probably pool her allowance for a couple months and save up enough for the must-have bag.

Credit: Courtesy Truffle Shuffle

It’s even dreamier on the inside!


Sounds too good to be true, so where’s the catch? It’s no biggie, but the purse isn’t yet available. You’ll have to wait until June 8 to order one of these bad boys, and if you’re ordering from the U.S. it’ll take about 5-8 days to ship.

Order your Polly Pocket purse and prepare for a flood of nostalgia!