Poll: Would You Use a Motion-Activated Flat Iron?

Glampalm Flat Iron
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Though touch-activated tech gear is the norm these days, we didn't quite expect it to extend into the beauty world until we came across Glampalm's Simpletouch Flat Iron. In what we're considering the hair tool counterpart to the '80s-era Clapper light switch, the device can be turned on and off by simply clapping the ceramic plates together once. After ten seconds, the flat iron heats up to its default temperature of 390 degrees Fahrenheit, and three taps of the plates dial down the heat to 330 degrees. Once it's on, the Glampalm Simpletouch works the same way as most traditional flat irons---save for the patented Healing Stone mineral infusion in the plates, which claims to create a smoother, shinier finish minus any damage on your strands.

We took the device on a test-drive and were fans of the sleek texture it delivered, but, confession time---we couldn't quite figure out how to turn the iron off. Luckily, it does so on its own if no motion is detected for 35 seconds, but after clapping the plates together enough times you'd think we were partaking in a sing-a-long to "If You're Happy and You Know It," we admitted defeat and simply unplugged the hair tool. Now we want to know: Would you use a touch-activated flat iron? Sound off in our poll below, and find the Glampalm Simpletouch Flat Iron for $220 at glampalm.com.

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