Poll: Would You Rent Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions - Julianne Hough
Photo: Time Inc. Digital Studio; Getty Images for Boohoo

You can rent a couture dress or a designer bag, but would you rent hair extensions? The Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills recently rolled out a hair extension rental program, which allows users to borrow clip-in pieces for seven days, priced at $75. For each purchase, a stylist will apply the extensions and blow out your strands, then you'll be sent home with a self-addressed stamped envelope to mail the pieces back after your seven days are up. "Spending around $250 to wear extensions for one evening is challenging for many budgets, so I thought a rental service would be a great option," said the salon's founder Nelson Chan. "It also allows someone to try more than one look during the course of a few months." While Julianne Hough recently opted for more-permanent versions from the Nine Zero One salon, it's nice to know we can get a look similar to hers without as long of a commitment -- we're definitely intrigued! We want to know: Would you try out the service? Tell us by voting in the poll below.

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