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Samantha Faragalli
Oct 22, 2015 @ 5:30 pm

Women aren’t the only ones adding a little pop of color onto their nails. Believe it or not, men everywhere are breaking out the polish for a very important cause: to raise awareness for child abuse. 

This heartening movement was brought about by Elliot Costello, the man who founded the non-profit organization YGAP. This inspiring campaign, which is called Polished Man, prompts men to paint just one nail to end children violence. Sadly, one in five children experience physical and/or sexual violence before turning 18 years old—90% of that sexual violence is perpetrated by men.

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Costello drew his inspiration from a recent trip to Cambodia, where he met a young girl named Thea, who was a victim of sexual abuse. Learn about her tragic story that jump-started this movement in the video below: 

It’s time you get polished, men! Join stars like Mario Batali and Alec Baldwin by signing up today to help support this important cause. This manicure will be worth it.

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