Hot Tools Sleeve - Lead
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Often times, a weird and completely unexpected beauty accessory will cross our desks, and after its very first use, we start to wonder how we ever lived without it in the first place. The Polder Hot Tool Sleeve ($10; is one of those items. If you're short on counter space in your bathroom, working with a curling wand or flat iron can be quite the juggling act. Sure, tossing it on the floor is a total possibility, but one false move could leave you with a burn on the bottom of your foot, and things can get crowded when you use your sink as a temporary resting place. Luckily, this is where the Polder Hot Tool Sleeve comes in. Made from heat-resistant silicone, the accessory clips onto your towel bar or cabinet rail, and can stand up to temperature of 540 degrees Fahrenheit---though we recommend switching your tool to the off position before sliding it into place, just in case.

Its rounded shape allows curling irons up to 2 inches in diameter and 1 and 1/2-inch flat irons to fit perfectly, and the aerated base allows the tool to safely cool down without any risk of an accidental burn. Better yet, since it's completely portable, the uses of the hot sleeve extend way past your prepping area. If you're like us, doing your hair just before you have to leave on a trip is a common occurrence, and when your flat iron is still hot, stashing it into your luggage inside can be tricky. With the hot sleeve, however, you can simply remove the tool from your towel rod, wrap the cord around its base, and toss it into your bag without having to wait for the temperature to go down. Polder also has a more-permanent hair tool station available, which can also fit a hair dryer, but for now, we're just thrilled that we can finally get to the airport on time without burning up the contents stuffed into our carry-on.