By Marianne Mychaskiw
Feb 22, 2015 @ 12:32 pm

In the midst of a polar vortex, keeping your look together can be quite the struggle---if we're not stuck trying to figure out how not to look like the Michelin Man in a puffer jacket, you can usually find us over the sink, attempting to scrub foundation and bronzer streaks off of said jacket. First off, if you just got your coat back from the dry cleaners, add a layer of water-repelling spray to the collar as a preventative measure. We love REI's version ($10;, which creates a waterproof barrier between your coat and external elements, allowing you to easily wipe off any unexpected marks. Though your initial reaction with your makeup may be to slather on heavy coats of foundation to prevent this, don't reach for your blending sponge just yet. Swapping a heavy finish for lightweight layers is your best bet for keeping your makeup on your face and off your scarves. The trick to a budge-proof finish is all in your layering and setting technique, so after you apply your favorite moisturizer, we recommend following with a primer like Smashbox's new Photo Finish Primer Water ($32;, which will give your makeup a place to adhere, while keeping your skin hydrated against the winter elements.

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When your skin is moisturized, your makeup tends to look better, not to mention, stay in place much longer---that's why we swapped our traditional foundation for Bare Minerals' Complexion Rescue ($29; The nourishing gel-cream formula acts as a tall glass of water for your complexion, while providing just enough coverage. Once your base is in place, follow with concealer over areas that need a little extra love, apply blush and contouring if needed, then set everything with a brush dipped in a heavy-duty setting powder. Our current favorite is Tarte's Smooth Operator Tinted Finishing Powder ($34; Available in four blendable hues, the product keeps the makeup underneath from shifting, with a matte finish that won't quit. For extra insurance, apply a mist of setting spray to lock everything into place. Urban Decay's All Nighter ($30; has long been our favorite version, and trust us, it lives up to all of the hype. The innovative formula actually controls the temperature of your makeup, meaning it won't slide around as you're hustling through a freezing windstorm. Now if only the temperature-controlling aspect could be extended to the Queen Elsa-esque climate around us...

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