No Joke, a Pokémon Fragrance Actually Exists

Pokemon Fragrance - Lead
Photo: Courtesy

This isn't the Pokémon the rest of us grew up with... The game has caused people to crash their cars into trees, get robbed at gunpoint, and relationships have even ended because of it—shoutout to the guy who got caught cheating on his girl at his ex's house. Factor in the rest of the weird news stories surronding the insanity known as Pokémon Go that reach viral status minute after minute, it was only a matter of time before it crossed over into the beauty world. The year is 2016, and a Pokémon fragrance is a thing that exists.

One Pikachu-adorned bottle set you back $12 at, but no word yet on whether or not it's guaranteed to make you the very best, like no one ever was. Though the scent contains notes of orange blossom, vanilla, and musk, all we smell is straight-up lemon when we sprayed it on. Pretty convenient, we figure, just in case tracking Mewtwo gets so intense, you end up miles away from the nearest shower.

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