By Andrea Cheng
Apr 04, 2014 @ 5:31 pm

In the battle for the Iron Throne, whose side are you on? Does your loyalty lie with the Lannisters, or with Baratheons? Or are you team Stark, through and through? Regardless of whether you're for the fiery Targaryens, Tyrells, or Greyjoys, you can now publicly pledge your allegiance to your favorite Westeros house with the official Pyrrha x Game of Thrones jewelry collection—just in time for the season four premiere, slated to air Sunday, April 6 on HBO.

"The historically inspired aesthetic of Pyrrha’s work made them a perfect match for a Game of Thrones jewelry line," Jeff Peters, manager of global licensing for HBO, said in a statement. "Fans of the show will be very excited to represent their favorite noble houses with these expertly crafted pieces."

Pyrrha is famous for its talismans handcrafted from antique wax seals—an aesthetic that's very much in line with that of the show. So it makes sense that the Game of Thrones collection comprises unisex talisman necklaces and rings, each showcasing an interpretation of the Westeros house sigils. "While designing the pieces, we felt it was important to embrace the spirit of this groundbreaking series while still retaining the signature Pyrrha style," Pyrrha designer Wade Papin said.

Show your alliance by picking up a talisman, priced between $98 and $900, at,, and select Pyrrha stores.