Playboy Models Recreate Their Most Iconic Covers Decades Later

Photo: Ben Miller

Today, more than ever, society is really latching onto the idea that age is “just a number.”

Case in point, Playboy, a magazine known for its provocative images of the young and beautiful, changed things up with a recent photo shoot. Seven former Playboy models (or “playmates”) joined forces with the magazine to recreate their iconic covers decades later. For most of the models, their original covers were shot 30-40 years ago! Despite the vast jump in time, the ladies still look unbelievably gorgeous.

One of the models, Kimberly Conrad (above), 54, was actually married to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and is the mother to two of his sons, Cooper and Marston Hefner. Cooper himself invited his mom to partake in the cover shoot (on Mother’s Day, ironically!)

Conrad’s photos are truly breathtaking.

Kimberly Conrad, 2017

Playboy / Ben Miller

Scroll down below to see a few more of the beautiful cover recreations, and visit Playboy for the full set of seven.

Candace Collins (1979 and 2017, respectively)

0608-Candace Collins Jordan_Compare-embed.jpg
Playboy / Ryan Lowry

Reneé Tenison (1990 and 2017, respectively)

0608-Renee Tenison_Compare-embed.jpg
Playboy / Ben Miller

Lisa Matthews (1991 and 2017, respectively)

0608-Lisa Matthews Mozley_Compare-embed.jpg
Playboy / Ben Miller

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Lookin’ good, ladies!

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