Plan Your Party Manicure: New Year’s, Holidays, and Even Tonight!

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Glitter is on everyone's radar this time of year! Get your nails holiday-ready with a glitzy manicure, like this two-step nail art kit from Ciaté ($19, Unlike a regular mani, the Sequined Manicure Kit delivers a raw, brilliant finish. “It adds instant texture and depth to your manicure that others just want to touch,” Ciaté founder, Charlotte Knight, told To get a perfect at-home mani, Knight suggests you start with clean, oil-free nails. (Swipe nail beds with remover to ensure.) Then, apply one coat of the paint pot shade and let it dry. Next, apply a second coat and sprinkle a generous amount of the glitter onto wet nails until you have created a heavy layer. Gently sweep off excess powder using the little black brush and let nails dry completely.

Plus, see more ways to add glitter to your makeup routine!

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