When Chrissy orders pizza, she orders four pies.
Credit: chrissyteigen/Instagram

Brace yourself, America: A pizza revolution is coming. Soon you may not need to venture out to a crowded pizzeria or endure long wait times on Postmates in order to satisfy your pizza cravings. Instead, it will be as quick and easy as taking out money at the ATM.

French company Paline debuted its first Pizza ATM at Cincinnati's Xavier University in August, and it's getting ready to bring the life-changing technology nationwide. According to WCPO Cincinnati, colleges and businesses in 20 states and Canada have enquired about buying an ATM, and Paline is finally ready to fulfill some of those requests. The first few ATMs are set to ship as early as this month.

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Operators will be required to journey to Cincinnati to learn how to use the machines at Xavier University's Pizza Chef School. The ATM works by storing par-baked pizza dough with eight different toppings in a refrigerated section. When an order is placed, the machine cooks the pizza in a convection oven and transfers it to a cardboard box in under three minutes.

Of course, no one is more excited than resident foodie Chrissy Teigen, who tweeted out the news. "Oh mah gaaaaad yes," she wrote.

Chrissy: We're with you, girl.