May 14, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

Pitch Perfect's sequel hits theaters tomorrow, and we couldn't be any more excited to reunite with our fave Barden Bellas. The follow-up film is a campier, funnier version than the first—so there's plenty to look forward to, including even more Rebel-isms and the Bellas' rendition of Beyoncé's ultimate girl-power anthem, "Run the World (Girls)." Below, we've narrowed down the top five reasons why we already love Pitch Perfect 2.

1. There are new Bellas in town, including Hailee Steinfeld. Fun fact: Her on-screen mom is played by Sons of Anarchy's Katey Sagal.


2. The Riff Off is massive. So epic, it took five days to shoot, says star Chrissie Fit. She plays Flo, another new Bella.


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3. The costumes are as brilliant as The Mindy Project's are. That's because they have the same costume designer, Salvador Perez.

4. Elizabeth Banks not only stars as the quirky commentator of the ICCAs, but also makes her directorial debut. Talk about a #girlboss.


5. It took a team of 13 hairstylists working in three trailers to create the looks. "We had to use a lot of extensions because we filmed in the hot Louisiana heat," says Cheryl Marks, who led the on-set hair department.

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