Credit: Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Security at a (semi) royal wedding is no walk in the park, and Pippa Middleton and James Matthews weren't taking any chances yesterday. The security for the couple's reception was Pentagon-tight—each guest was required to present a photo ID and give a secret password before they were admitted.

After the ceremony at St. Mark's Church in Englefield, the newlyweds and their guests adjourned to the home of Michael and Carole Middleton for the wedding reception. According to People, around 300 guests parked at Bucklebury Village Hall and were chauffeured to the Middeton's 16-acre estate.

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However, partygoers were only admitted to the venue after they presented ID and a secret password, which was different for each guest! Yup, that's right—there were 300 different passwords for the exclusive event.

The security protocols were definitely worth it, though. According to the source, the Middletons built a $100,000 glass palace on their lawn to host the soiree, and there was even an aerial performance by a Supermarine Spitfire, a British single-seat fighter used in World War II. Not too shabby!

Sorry, would-be wedding crashers. There was definitely no sneaking into this party.