For most, vacation is a break from the day-to-day, an excuse to stay out late and not brush your teeth at night (just me?), but we’re getting the vibe that this is far from the case for Pippa Middleton and her new husband, James Matthews. Not even a honeymoon is going to stand between the newlyweds and their workout schedj.

The English socialite, 33, and her banker husband, 41, took a brisk jog on Wednesday while on their honeymoon in Sydney, Australia. We suppose a commitment to routine is likely responsible for Pippa’s svelte figure, and that’s totally commendable (meanwhile, we’ll be here, chilling on the couch with Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food …).

In fact, the plot thickens: Not only were Pippa and James taking time out of their romantic trip to sweat it out, they actually did so with the aid of a personal trainer. That’s next-level devotion, guys.

Pippa Middleton

Matthews and Middleton made a stylish couple in their workout ensembles. Pippa paired a salmon-colored PeakPerformance tee ($77; with black leggings, black sneakers with mint accents, and a gray Nike cap. James jogged in time with his wife in a dark gray tee, black shorts, and matching sneakers.