By Jennifer Davis
Updated May 26, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
Danny Martindale/WireImage

The Duchess of Cambridge may be the sportiest royal, but her younger sister Pippa definitely takes the crown in the Middleton family. The 32-year-old has competed in so many intense athletic competitions it's hard to keep track of all of her achievements. Just this year Pippa completed a 33-mile charity course through the Swiss Alps, competed in a rigorous cross-country ski race in Norway, and hit the slopes in Switzerland for the legendary Inferno race.

Now Pippa is at it again. On May 21, she took on one of her greatest challenges yet—running the Great Wall Marathon in China. The rigorous race is not your average 26.2 mile run. In addition to running the course, she also had to contend with 5,164 steps in 85 degree heat. We're tired just thinking about it. Being the powerhouse that she is, Pippa kicked butt. The royal-in-law came in 13th overall for women and 69th out of 2,444 runners. Can you say badass?

After finishing the race she spoke with reporters about its difficulty. "It was long, it was hard. The Great Wall sections were stunning, they were some of the best bits despite how hard they were," Pippa said. "The whole thing was a really unique experience."

Pippa competed in the race to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, a charity near and dear to her heart. See run the race in the video above starting at 0:53.