It's official! Pippa Middleton confirmed that she and her husband James Matthews are expecting their first child. The exciting news comes six weeks after reports surfaced that she was expecting.

Middleton made the announcement by opening up about her pregnancy in her latest column for U.K. supermarket monthly, Waitrose Kitchen magazine. In the article, titled "Exercising During Pregnancy," she touched on her first trimester and her journey to find a fitness routine that works for her and the baby.

"When I learned the happy news that I was pregnant, I realized I needed to adjust my normal 4-to-5-day-a-week routine and find a way of continuing my exercise safely throughout the three trimesters," she wrote.

"I’m fanatical about sports and have looked at loads of books and websites on exercise during pregnancy but have been disappointed by the limited technical information on what you can and can’t do," she continued. "I found that particularly so during the riskier first trimester. And this being my first pregnancy, I had so many questions I felt were all unanswered."

Fortunately for Pippa, she didn't suffer from the same morning sickness condition, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), that her sister, Kate Middleton, endured throughout her three pregnancies. “I was lucky to pass the 12-week scan without suffering from morning sickness," Pippa revealed. "That meant I was able to carry on as normal and continue most of my sports with better knowledge and, more importantly, professionals to learn from.”

"I’ve noticed my body change and weight increase, but through effective exercise and sports I feel that it’s being strengthened to support a healthy pregnancy, birth, and recovery," she added.

Congrats to Pippa and James! We're sure the Middleton family and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are thrilled.