Pippa Middleton should be expecting a new addition to her family pretty soon, but just because she's the sister of a royal doesn't mean her baby gets to cut in line when it comes to the crown. According to Town and Country, the little bundle of joy actually won't get to be in that line at all. In fact, not only will the baby not get the chance to wear the crown, he or she won't get any sort of title, either.

"Pippa is Mrs. James Matthews, [so] her kids will be Master or Miss Christian name Matthews," royal historian Marlene Koenig told Town and Country. "No titles whatsoever."

According to People, the baby is set to arrive sometime this month, adding to an already hectic schedule for anyone who follows the royals. Because neither Pippa nor her husband, James Matthews, have titles, their children won't inherit any, either. The couple does have an honorary title: the Laird and Lady of Glen Affic. However, that doesn't make them true nobility. The Matthews family got the fancy title thanks to land acquisition.

Pippa Middleton James Matthews Prince Louis Christening
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"[James'] father bought a feudal barony," Koenig said. "'Laird' is not a title, but a description applied by those living on and around the estate. Ownership of a souvenir plot of land does not bring with it the right to any description such as 'laird,' 'lord,' or 'lady.'"

Prince William and Kate Middleton have official titles: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Because of that, all three of their offspring, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, have royal titles. They're also in the direct line of succession for the crown, which is more than the new Matthews baby will have. Something tells us that the little ones will be seeing plenty of one another. Just seeing how close Kate and Pippa are, it'll be no surprise if the new cousin is part of the pack right off the bat.