Pippa Middleton Challenges Brother James to a Friendly Tennis Match in St. Barts

Pippa Middleton - January 03, 2016
Photo: CRYSTAL/PacificCoastNews

A new year may call for big lifestyle changes for many, but we'll bet Pippa Middleton isn’t changing anything when it comes to her fitness routine. On Sunday, the 32-year-old brunette picked up the racket and challenged brother James to a sunny tennis match while vacationing in picturesque St. Barts, where she's been spotted before serving up major #fitspo. For the sweat-inducing session, the philanthropic—and super athletic—younger sister to Princess Kate rocked a collared red sleeveless top, white tennis skirt, comfortable trainers, a Nike visor, and dark-tinted sunglasses.

James Middleton - January 3, 2016

So how did 28-year-old James perform next to his older, marathon-running sibling? While we’re not sure what the outcome of the match was, we do know that James looked the part, too. The handsome Brit rocked a pair of printed lavender shorts with colorful sneakers and socks, and shielded himself from the sun in a hat, and, like Pippa, a pair of sporty sunglasses.

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Looks like Venus and Serena Williams may have found their rivaling sibling match.

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