Nov 05, 2015 @ 6:00 pm

Although East Coat temps have been incredibly mild for early November, winter is only a mere month away, which means it’s about time to start stocking up our bars and collecting recipes for the holidays. Mixologist Shinya Yamao, of Korean-Italian fusion Michelin-starred restaurant Piora in Manhattan’s West Village, is here to help with a cocktail that pays homage to the season’s first snow. He describes the taste as “deep, complex, and similar to that of a candied apple.” Visit Yamao to quaff his “Beneath the Snow” beverage in the restaurant’s beautiful, Zen space designed by Stephanie Goto, a prominent architect in the New York restaurant scene (check out her work at other eateries and bars like Morimoto and Monkey Bar). Or, try making the drink at home using the recipe below.

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Beneath The Snow 


1 oz vodka (Yamao prefers Snow Leopard, $40;
1½ oz homemade apple juice (if using store-bought juice, look for one that is cloudy instead of clear)
2/3 oz Busnel Calvados ($39;
2/3 oz Earl Grey tea
2/3 oz maple syrup
1/2 oz hand-squeezed lemon juice
2 sliced apples for garnish

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1. Steep Earl Grey tea until strong, and then allow it to cool.
2. To make homemade apple juice: peel and chop Honey Crisp apples. Blend the apples with lemon juice and maple syrup to taste using a mixer or blender, and strain. 
3. Put all ingredients into a shaker, and shake well. Pour into a rock glass. Add a thin slice of apple for garnish.

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