Pinterest's Top "How To" Search Will Surprise You

Athleisure Pinterest
Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty

When you think of "how to" searches on Pinterest, most people conjure up images of how to make the perfect pumpkin spice latte, how to frost a cake like a unicorn, or how to hang a gallery wall. We're sure Pinterest has plenty of answers for those DIY mysteries. But when it comes to fashion, it turns out, the greatest mystery of all is "how to style leggings."

Yep, it's as simple as that. In a report detailing the most popular search terms used on the site, Pinterest revealed that the second most-frequently-asked style question is "how to wear boyfriend jeans," a question we've probably all struggled with at least a few times this decade.

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Pinterest has also reported the top beauty searches, which include "how to curl your hair" and "how to contour your face." Is Kim Kardashian on Pinterest? Because we bet she'd have a great answer to that one.

You can read the full report on Pinterest's blog, and check out InStyle's Pinterest page filled with great ideas for hosting your next summer party, styling fall's hottest boot trend, and so much more!

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