Pinterest Just Made It Even Easier to Find Great Recipes

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If Pinterest wasn't already your go-to site for fun, new recipes, it will be now. Thanks to the roll-out of their new filter and upgraded lens features on Tuesday, figuring out what to make for your next dinner will be as easy as pie (sorry, we had to).

With the Pinterest food filter, you can now search for recipes by cook time, your specific diet, and the ingredients you have on hand. From 15-minute kid friendly meals to 30-minute vegan dishes with tofu, you'll be able to pull up a number of great recipes in a matter of minutes.

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Plus, with the new starring feature, you'll be able to see real user ratings on tons of recipes across the site.

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In case you missed it, Pinterest rolled out a Lens feature earlier this year, that lets you point your camera to anything from a certain pattern, a table accent, dining room chair, and so much more to give you more options on the site of similar items. And now, Lens is able to recognize whole dishes and platters, so that next time you have an amazing meal out, you can simply take a photo of your dish, and Pinterest will help you recreate it at home.

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Really, it's the ultimate lazy-girl hack, for when you're craving those pancakes from your favorite brunch spot, but don't feel like venturing out to get them.

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So what are you waiting for? Get Pinning people!

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