Tech Yeah Pinterest Buyable Pin
Credit: Courtesy

Finally! The Pinterest boards you pore over for style tips, travel idea, and home decor suggestions are about to become a lot more functional. The inspiration destination just announced its upcoming Buy It feature, which will help eliminate the frustration of pinning that perfect piece, only to find that it's difficult to source or not available for purchase.

When you spot a pin in your feed with a price noted in blue in the upper right corner, you'll know that the item is shoppable. If you're searching Pinterest for a particular item, you can even filter your results by price to find the most affordable option. Once you click on the shoppable pin, you'll see a "Buy It" button next to the classic "Pin It" button--just tap to purchase, enter your Apple Pay or credit card information, and you'll be able to order without ever leaving the site. Keep an eye out--this genius new feature will be hitting iOS devices in the coming weeks.