By Isabel Jones
Updated Nov 14, 2018 @ 9:15 am

Motocross racer Carey Hart (best known as P!nk’s husband), has some words for Malibu looters, and they’re really not what we expected from the “Dear Mr. President” singer’s S.O.

Credit: Lester Cohen/Getty Images

While the devastating fires rage on in Malibu and other parts of California, destroying homes and taking the lives of 48 and counting, Hart pointed to the indecency of looters ransacking the abandoned buildings. “It’s unfortunate that some people take advantage of others in a crisis,” he wrote.

“While the malibu fires have been burning, some locals have been fighting off and defending their property against the fires. There have been sightings of looters breaking in to homes. Well, if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into malibu. #DefendYourLand #2ndamendment.” Hart’s pro-gun violence message accompanied a black-and-white photo of men wearing respirator masks and holding rifles behind a sign that reads “Looters will be shot on site.”

There’s never a right time to advocate for gun violence, but considering the Thousand Oaks shooting (which happened less than 30 miles from Malibu) claimed 12 victims just last week, posting a photo of a gang of rifle-wielding men feels wildly insensitive.

Better idea: maybe don’t post photos of angry mobs of rifle-wielding men alongside threatening messages ever?

If you need some guidance on how to post about a natural disaster, take a page from Liam Hemsworth, who's still preaching "love" after his home literally burned down.