A good long hike would make anyone thirsty, even Pink's 3-month-old Jameson Moon. Luckily, mom came prepared with some refreshments for her little guy.

The "Just Like Fire" singer has been refreshingly honest about her post-baby journey, and Wednesday was no different. The 37-year-old mother of two, who has said she's in no rush to lose her post-baby weight, shared a sweet photo of herself and Jameson enjoying a hike. In the 'gram, Jameson looks as cozy as can be snuggled in his baby carrier and nursing from his rock star mom's chest.

"Hiking makes us thirsty!" Pink captioned the sweet snap of her son's breastfeeding break. The singer also added a few choice hashtags: #happybaby #hotpocket #normalizebreastfeedingyo #arewethereyet.

Credit: Pink / Instagram

Pink isn't the first celebrity mom to join the crusade to normalize breastfeeding. Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde, Chrissy Teigen, and Candace Swanepoel are also among the celebs who have shared their own breastfeeding photos in an attempt to end the stigma around it.

Keep up the good work, mamas!