Pierce Brosnan Knows He's a Dapper-Dressing Man

Pierce Brosnan
Photo: Everette Collection; Sipa; Courtesy Photo

Ever since his days as “Bond—James Bond,” we can’t look at Pierce Brosnan without thinking about how great he looks in a suit. And, when we met him at the Toronto International Film Festival—where he was in town to promote his romantic comedy Love Is All You Need—we found that he has an essence of quiet elegance emanating around him (and he was wearing a blazer, of course). The best part is that he knows it, too. “I do like clothes, and I suppose I like the dapperness of it all,” the actor told us before getting his picture taken at InStyle’s pop-up portrait studio in Toronto’s Windsor Arms Hotel. “It’s great to dress up. I love style.” His dapperness continues on screen for his new film, in which he wears a blue look suit by Ermenegildo Zegna—something definitely on par with the Brioni looks he wore for Goldeneye.

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