Photos of the Day: Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld Bake Holiday Cookies Together

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld
Photo: Instagram/taylorswift (2); Instagram/haileesteinfeld

Could they be any more adorable?! Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld were certainly in the holiday spirit yesterday, as the two got together to bake cookies, exchange gifts, and partake in various other Christmas-time activities. Lucky for us, the stars decided to share their merriment with us on Instagram. Taylor shared this photo of her, Hailee, and several mini trees with the caption reading, "Merry Swiftmas and Hailee New Year" as well as one of Hailee leaning over a batch of freshly-baked cookies titled, "It's not possible for her to be cuter or for this day to be more festive." Hailee posted her own picture of the friends wearing the trimmings from their holiday presents captioned, "That moment when the ribbon from your gift becomes a hair accessory..." We have to admit that these besties are all too cute! MORE:• Shop 6 Last-Minute Gifts Before Its Really Too Late!Hailee Steinfeld's Best Looks EverCheck Out Taylor Swift's New Shoulder Skimming Cut

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