This New Phone Accessory Can Make You Smell Like Bacon

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Sure, you might think you have the fanciest, newest phone out there, but come on, the thing just flashes and beeps. Well now, with a little upgrade, it can provide smell too.

Scentee is a device that plugs into the earbud port of your iPhone and emits a preselected scent when you receive notifications. You choose your desired scent cartridge from the list of 6—coffee, rosemary, lavender, rose, strawberry and bacon—plug the cartridge into your phone, download the app and, when you receive an email or a Facebook notification, Scentee spritzes your chosen smell. If you associate work emails with coffee or texts from a loved one with roses…or bacon (we are the latter), this is a more relaxing way to know that you have mail than that obnoxious Calypso ringtone.

Scentee will cost you $70 with three cartridges to "add an aromatic feature to your smartphone." While we adore the smell of coffee and know that the scent of bacon will leave us hungry all day, we can't help but think about those who don't have Scentee who are subjected to the emittance. Just hope you are not the person sitting next to the teenage girl on the train incessantly texting with her boyfriend. You will never be able to wash out the smell of rose.

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