Petites Rejoice! Finding Clothes That Fit Just Got Easier


A petite-sized woman knows this dressing room scenario all too well: she tries on a piece she loves at a fabulous price, finds that the sleeves and hem are way too long, and, after factoring in all of the tailoring costs, realizes that the item isn’t such a good deal after all and puts it back on the rack. Until now, that is. Upon hearing the cry of smaller-sized women, department store giant Nordstrom has expanded their petite selection to include offerings from hot designers such as Vince Camuto, Tahari, Eileen Fisher, Big Star and Kenneth Cole New York. Here petites will find the same current trends that their taller counterparts are clamoring for: printed relaxed-fit pants, overalls and super cute summer dresses.

“It’s the difference between having something that fits you well or makes you look like a kid trying on their mom's clothing,” says Stephanie Altieri, a Petite Buyer for Nordstrom, who adds that clothing made specifically for petite women—those shorter than 5’4’’—takes into account things like where the knee break occurs in a pair of specially washed denim (so that the fading that’s supposed to begin at the knee doesn’t wind up mid-calf) and preserving leg openings so that those incredibly cool flare leg jeans don’t become bootcut after repeated hemming. Bonus: now that petites don’t need to shell out cash for a good tailor, they can splurge on accessories—a pair of nude heels and simple jewelry such as pendant necklaces will complete their fabulous fit.

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