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In the summer sandals sphere, Ancient Greek Sandals' sleek, wearable designs and endless style options (with equally endless color choices) make them beloved by celebrities, power stylists, and, well, us. The label's latest designer venture is an epic capsule collaboration that we can't wait to get our hands on (and our feet in).

London-based design duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos unveiled the launch of their newest footwear collection done in partnership with the sandal brand at the Peter Pilotto Resort 2016 preview earlier this week. Just like Peter Pilotto's crazy-cool, attention-grabbing prints, which make red-carpet statements on the regular, these nine styles make a delightful statement of their own. Inspired by vintage pinball machines and board games, the strappy flats and wedges (with styles to the ankle, the calf, and up to the knee) are treated to pops of colors, loud signature Peter Pilotto prints, silicone appliques, and cool metallic hardware with squares and half-ball rivets.

"There is so much love, care and passion that goes into the design of each sandal, and this attention to detail and precision really appealed to us, as we approach our designing in a very similar way," Pilotto says of the collection. "There is a playfulness to their brand that we were really attracted to."

"Working with Peter and Christopher on this collaboration was extremely refreshing as I have always wanted to incorporate vibrant, colorful prints into our sandals," continues Christina Martini, creative director of Ancient Greek Sandals. "I immediately knew that Peter Pilotto would be perfect for this."

Our thoughts on the matter? We think it's pretty perfect, too—but only wish that they were available now. You'll find the pieces (priced between $315 and $750) at this November.

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