Peter Facinelli Gives Us Insider Information on Eclipse

What's Right Now - Peter Facinelli Gives Us Insider Information on Eclipse
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

While we continue our countdown to The Twilight Saga: New Moon the cast members are already making their way to Vancouver to start work on Eclipse. We've been tracking Cullen father figure Peter Facinelli on Twitter for all the behind-the-scenes details. In addition to complaining about having to stay out of the sun (since vampires don't have tans) while on his summer vacation, Facinelli recently Tweeted about getting in shape for the movie's big battle scene. "Just finished two hours of fight training for Eclipse. Now if anyone messes with me I can pretend to kick their ass really well," he remarked.

SPOILER ALERT! Eclipse director David Slade recently Tweeted photos of possible locations for the pivotal scene in which the Cullens take on Victoria's newborn vampire army.

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