"I am frozen with fear."


By this point, Paper magazine's annual "Break the Internet" covers are notorious. Who among us can forget that Kim Kardashian photo?

This year, the magazine attempted to break the internet once again, this time with Pete Davidson as a subject — and the cover photo has people, well, speechless.

On Thursday, Paper unveiled a photo of the Saturday Night Live star, photographed by actor Tommy Dorfman. The cover, which sees Davidson as a Ken doll wearing a printed open shirt with just one sock, premiered to confused, disturbed reactions on Twitter.

In the story, Dorfman wrote that he and Davidson came up with the concept of the photoshoot together: "In a car, on our way to set for his new movie with Judd Apatow, we brainstormed ideas for our upcoming shoot together. I threw out a Ken Doll concept. It seemed right since tabloids manipulate people in that way, him especially. He was down with the idea, but challenged me to go darker, something that leaned into his struggle with depression, which he has been admirably public about."

Davidson even came up with the idea of his version of Ken's lack of genitalia.

"You'd be like depressed Ken," Dorfman recalls telling him.

"Yeah! And dickless, like, with Ken-dick," Davidson replied.

A dark Ken Doll, straight from the mind of Pete Davidson himself? Sounds about right.