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Tindog - Lead
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There are few, if any, real rules when it comes to using Tinder. Depending on what you want, Tinder can provide a cavernously empty venture or it could drop you into the long-term relationship of your dreams. No seriously. Stop laughing. We know successful Tinder couples.

Harnessing this match-making power, as well the Internet’s love of cute animals, Tindog has landed.

The format of Tindog is the same as the good ol' Tinder we love to hate to love, but, instead of finding a date for yourself, you are finding a playmate for your dog. For those unfamiliar with the swipe right world we live in, Tindog brings up a photo of a dog, which may or may not also come with a photo of that dog’s human. You then have the option of swiping left (“You’re dog is so ugly I would never match my dog with it”) or swiping right (“Can we be the cute couple with the cute dogs at the cute wedding?”) Once both swipe right, you are matched on Tindog and can start endless hours of messaging about your dogs. 100 percent free and, of course, 100 percent pet owners.

Of course, another option is just to troll the dog park. Not that there's anything wrong with that...