3 Personalization Websites You Need to Try Now

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If Pinterest-inspired projects aren't exactly your forte, there's still hope for you in the DIY realm. Thanks to the latest crop of user-friendly customization sites, it's never been easier to design your own clothing and accessories and have a personalized shopping experience. We rounded up the best companies that will help take your virtual cart to the next level.

Normal Headphones

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Do your earbuds always fall out when you go for a jog? These custom, 3-D printed earphones are crafted to fit your ear perfectly. Download the app to capture an image of your ears, then choose your favorite colors and design details. Your one-of-a-kind pair will be printed in New York City and shipped to you along with a custom laser-etched carrying case, all for a flat fee of $199.

Shoes of Prey

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Look no further to find the perfect pair of shoes for whatever outfit or occasion you have coming up. Shoes of Prey's 3-D design tool lets you choose the shape, colors, and height of your shoes. As soon as you sign off on the online rendering, the Shoes of Prey design team brings your perfect pair to life and ships anywhere in the world in just five weeks. If the final product leaves you second-guessing your career as a shoe designers, you have 365 days to return your custom kicks for a full refund.


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Eco clothing that gives equal weight to sustainability and style, Reformation is an earth-friendly e-commerce line made in Los Angeles. Choose your piece, the print, and the fit, and then read up on how your items are made on the website, which explains the manufacturing process and the greenest ways to wash your clothes. The best part? Reformation sells direct-to-consumer, which saves you big bucks on the price tags.

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