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Sometimes you just want a show your whole family can watch in the middle of the week, and NBC serves it up this summer with Mr. Robinson, airing Wednesdays at 9/8c, starting August 5th. It's a lot like School of Rock, but infused with the dry, lovable humor of The Office and Hot Tub Time Machine's Craig Robinson and the producers behind The Office and Parks and Recreation. In the show, Robinson plays musician Craig, who becomes a substitute teacher because he wants to get a girl who works at the school. Peri Gilpin, who famously played Roz Doyle on Frasier for nine years, acts as his boss, Principal Taylor.

Gilpin stopped by InStyle's New York headquarters recently to talk about the show. Her take: It's all about Craig. "We all just love him because of his humor," she said. "There's a raunchiness that he gets away with because of he's just a big teddy bear."

Here are five more things she'll think you'll love about Mr. Robinson.

His band.
In the show, he plays piano for a band called the Nasty Delicious. "It looks innocent because he plays this keyboard, but then he sings these filthy, dirty songs," says Gilpin.

His family is there.
His real-life brother Chris Rob is in the band in the show, but because they film in Chicago, the rest of his family also came by set to check it out. "His baby was there one time, and it was so sweet. His mother was there, his dad was there, it's a whole family thing."

The kids.
"These children on the show can really sing and dance—and they have a ton of followers," says Gilpin. One of the schoolchildren is Amandla Stenberg, who famously played Rue in The Hunger Games. "Some of the children get like two million on Instagram, it's crazy. They have influence, and it gives them a sense of responsibility because they have to be authentic."

The laughs are real.
"We film in front of a live audience, like Frasier, which I just love," says Gilpin. "There's nothing like the audience responding to something, whether it's funny or just something else. I missed that energy so much since Frasier ended."

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Everyone is there to learn.
Robinson is a teacher both onscreen and off. "The kids on the show—the real kids, the actors—love him, and they're learning all kinds of stuff," says Gilpin. And they look up to his character, too. "As raunchy as he is in the nightclub, he's like a camp counselor in the school."