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May 16, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

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Passionate food Instagrammers face many challenges—bad lighting, unflattering table settings, eye-rolling couples who won't shut up about how phones at the table are inappropriate. Israel’s Carmel Winery will help you deal with at least two of those problems. They designed their Foodagraphy series specifically for the Instagram set.

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Carmel teamed up with ceramic artist Adi Nissani, who created Insta-friendly plates for the series. One, called the Limbo, has a curved wall to ensure that no extraneous bits of table or the unmanicured hands of your dinner companions get in the shot. The shape also helps focus what light there is in the restaurant on the food. The other plate, called the 360, rotates in a circle to let you get the best angle on your beet salad. It also helps in taking video for you early Periscope adopters. Both plates come with built-in iPhone stands to help those of us with shaky hands.

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But the restaurant doesn't just stick you with some fancy plates and leave you to figure out how to shoot the food on them. Even though the plates should make it possible for even the most novice avocado toast photographers to get a good picture, a professional is on hand to help. Dan Perez, a photographer who has shot food for some of Israel's best restaurants shares the meal with you and provides instruction on how to properly capture your meal.

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Foodography runs through the end of June and while Nissani has not said she will produce the plates for other restaurants yet, our collective thirst for #foodporn must be quenched so we wouldn't be surprised if she does.

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